What changed?


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She looked around, life was perfect,

yet, the perfection wasn’t felt deep within.

She experienced different emotions-pride, anger, but, mostly fatigue.

She needed to stop-stop running, to take a breath.

But, when she did, it made here even more restless.


“What’s wrong?”

“Why are you not happy?”

“God! You can’t be happy with even such a perfect life?”

She felt ashamed

It took a random gift from a friend who cared for her to realise what she was missing.

She’d sold her soul to the devil, let her heart be shackled by the brain.

What had changed, you ask?


She was running, the way she always had.

She was winning, the way she always had.

She was taking a part of her along, the other part had been left behind.

Panting, she rushed to pull out the old memories from that forgotten drawer.

That funny looking diary with lines scribbled all over,

That worn out copy of a novel, which she’d kept with her , yet forgotten,

Those handmade cards, with silly messages,

That ugly drawing which she’d so proudly made and displayed,

Those strips of paper, which could have been transformed into something so beautiful,

and a blank canvas, still waiting to be filled.


She’d found the answer at last-

She’d made people around her happy,

and had forgotten to live for herself.


Perspective. Prioritization. Life.


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He didn’t invite me to his party-he isn’t my friend.

I have a bad job, my life sucks.

I don’t have a car as big as her, I hate my life.

My parents stopped me from going for that trip, I won’t talk to them.


Reasons to crib are plenty, but are they worth any sorrow?

Things that we cry and fuss about, will we even remember them tomorrow?

While running behind the better job, more friends, did you leave yourself behind?

Beyond the loud music and smoke, are you, yourself, easy to find?


We ignore those friends who are always there,

Ignore our parents who are the ones who care;

Ignore our body, have no fear,

And one day-there is nothing more left to hold dear.


Life doesn’t offer warnings, it doesn’t offer time;

Age is just a number, you never know when destiny says-it’s time.


Grudges, fights, problems-we can have unending,

But, when it’s time to leave, let’s not have regrets pending.



Understanding independence


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It’s been 70 years today, since my country first tasted independence.

70 years of making our own laws, our own rules,

70 years of the right to voice our opinions,

70 years of no discrimination on the basis of caste or creed,

70 years of struggle on the path to becoming the “Golden bird” again.


But look around-hear the voices-they’re raising questions,

Are we really free?

We’ve made our own laws, but do we uphold them?

What about the currency notes quietly slipped into waiting palms?

What about the millions of Indian, who are still waiting for alms?

What about that politician who roams around free?

What about the teenager who raised his voice and had to pay a hefty fee?

What about the reservation which has become a cause of concern?

Isn’t calling someone “Chinki” a form of discrimination not so hard to discern?


Yes, my country has faults, and I take equal blame.

Yes, we have a long way to go before we are truly free.

Free of the vices that still plague my nation,

Yes, there is still a long way to perfection.


But, I still celebrate this day,

for it marks the anniversary of an awaited end-to a bloodied struggle that panned decades

And a beautiful start-of the road to freedom that I do enjoy.


Happy Independence day 🙂


Bloodied world, bloodied humanity


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There’s blood everywhere-
On the textbooks that were graced with their little hands,
On those chairs that now lay strewn haphazardly,
In the mind of the mother who lost her child, her princess,
In the wail of the father whose tough exterior has been broken by the sight of his son’s coffin,
In the screams of the fortunate boy who survived but is scarred forever,
In the silence of the girl who stares blankly, reliving the horror of watching her brother die,
In the silent agony of a nation that mourns the death of its children,
In the helpless wondering of the world who is asking, “Is this what we have come to?
Killing small children in the name of revenge?
Making the institution of knowledge a graveyard?”

There is blood everywhere-in the minds of each of those barbarians,
Who believe shedding more of the same will help avenge their loss.

There is blood everywhere……and it threatens to drown us….in the sea of our hatred….

#PeshawarKillings #blackdays

Unsteady and steady


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The mist is too heavy, she stumbles but steadies herself,
Looks around, tries to find and offer support;
Takes the ones around her, with her, they smile, make merry.

In a strange world she is now, looks around- the fog blinds her,
She tries to hold on, tries to slow down,
Finds her rock, the one that constantly holds her in place,
She is steadier, more confident, could do without the rock too now,
The mist clears, making way for sunshine,
she looks around, trying to locate the rock that was there all throughout,
Finds none, sees her own outstretched hand in the mirror besides her.
She has found the rock, its within her,
She has found her footing, refuses to stumble!

B-School Diaries 4- First milestone in sight!


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To each, his own is what an old proverb says,

Its the mantra that would always be my mainstay,

For when the madness threatens to overwhelm,

Its best to look within, to restore the calm.

The pressure, the speed can always threaten,

Making one a pawn in the game that moves on;

But, its a choice one has to make,

Knowing how to manage one’s own stakes.

Not every battle needs to be fought,

Not every mountain needs to be conquered,

Its the ones that matter to “me” that have to be sought,

Its the ones that are mine that need to be defeated.

As the journey threatens to get more taxing,

I will make my ways to make it memorable and intriguing,

Because its seems like the last mile to the first milestone,

Let me make it count, without losing myself in the storm

You know you’re at IIM when (B-School Diaries 3)


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The places makes you hate it initially for the rigor it puts you through and it makes you fall in love with it for eternity as it shows you who you are and makes you what you want to be for the rest of your life. It makes life HELL and then turns the HELL into your heaven. To sum up, you know you’re at IIM when:

You go from being late for class when you have just 30 minutes to go,

To being on time for it after waking up 10 minutes before the session;

You go from cribbing about lack sleep when you sleep for 6 hours,

To loving the days when you get 4 hours to sleep;

You go from missing weekly deadlines,

To meeting hourly ones as the clock reads XX:59:59.

When you step out of your room to be greeted with breathtaking beauty of the nature,

You know you are there when your name grows in stature;

It is IIM for you when you rush for the morning class,

For a late entry might get you the grade drop which won’t let you pass,

You know you are at IIM when everything moves at neck breaking speed,

Yes its where from the clutches of vicious deadlines you strive to get freed,

Yes it is this IIM which teaches you the value of time,

The same one that teaches you over-sleeping might be a crime.

You are at an IIM when you sit with a name tag in class,

When feeling sleepy, it is that tag that’s most cursed;

Where questions in class generally serve dual purposes,

Saving you from dozing off, they form DCP verses;

It is an IIM where such beautiful mix of diversity resides,

Solving cases together gives you unexpected insights,

It is this learning beyond the books that forms learning most profound,

Together we all stumble, get up and find our way around.

When bomb-like quizzes threaten to turn us to ash,

Together we teach, learn and play as a batch.

Lessons on networking all B-Schools teach,

In the process they bring new friends for life within our reach;

After the sleepy 4 am submissions,

We still find time to appreciate the monsoons,

It is this craziness that makes you look around,

Yes in an IIM this madness is found.

Between the din of summers, PPOs , laterals and finals,

Memories are made, managers are born.

Before I miss the deadline of 19:59:59,

Let me end and make these the last few lines;

These two years allow you to change the way you are,

Give you a chance to walk, run and fly away to futures afar.

I have become a piece of the IIM jigsaw puzzle,

In the grounds of HELL, I will step out and enjoy the welcome drizzle.

(Also posted at: http://insideiim.com/you-know-you-are-in-iim-when/)

B-School Diaries 2


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On the cusp of another change I stand,
Time is slipping away like fisted sand;

Fighting to make a mark here,
Trying to keep all thats dear near;

Am I losing myself in a hurry,
Or is it really what we call self discovery?

There is no time to stand and stare,
Lets just find enough to show we care;

Questions remain, answers are to be explored;
With the beauty of this phase I am waiting to be floored.

Questions, hesitation, excitement to make new memories,
A muddle of emotions leaving me in a quandary……

B-School Diaries 1


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Another day of distractions, procrastination,
Deadlines making their presence felt,
Warning us to tighten our seat belts,
Its gonna be one HEL(L) of a roller coaster ride,
We better be prepared to save our hide

As the day seemingly draws to a close,
The continued flow of mails reminds me of the lack of the concept of “close”,
Before we cross another dreaded XX:59:59,
Let me try taming uselessly restless mind 😛

She has to grow up…..

She looks around, panics, finds none of her own,
Takes a deep breath, calms herself, realizes she has to make some her own,
She has to talk, trust, fall and succeed,
She has to be open, accepting, slowly finding her own feet,
The crowds are overwhelming, they have always been,
Its the small group within that will help her be,
In the crowds she will learn-to fail and accept,
The same crowds will teach her to stand erect,
Stand through situations when the going gets tough,
Stand through limitations that threaten to pull the rug,
Experiences will teach her what people won’t,
Time will teach her what textbooks won’t.

On her path she has set out, the journey is grilling,
The last one of its kind, the fact makes it thrilling.

Success or failure is not what will matter,
Its what she has become after the journey gets over.