Sitting at the window, staring out I watch the rain,

Don’t know why but it seems to take away all my pain….

The dark clouds, the thunder, the lightening,

It all makes me feel light, my life seem happening!


Those little pearls that hurtle down,

On my skin they can ease any frown,

I sit at my window, put my hand out,

I feel joy filling me inside out!

when it begins to pour without a hint,

My eyes sparkle with a mischievious glint…

the less seen me peeps out,

In a playful mood I can sing and shout!

Full of glee I twirl around,

I can be found grooving without a sound,

carelessness, recklessness you might see,

but in the rain, just let me be!

The shivers of the winter…..the beauty of the spring…the heat of the summer,

I wait through it all for the rains-my life’s glimmer!