Sitting idle, bored of reading india’s laws,

my mind drifts away-my major flaw!

today as it galloped away,

what it imagined made me sway!


I suddenly thought of my wishlist,

thought of putting it down like a hitlist

but, as i sat to scribble it down,

what happned next made me frown!


I did start but couldn’t end,

A quick prayet to god I had to send!

My wishlist was sooo long,

I could just go on and on…..


Practicality i had chosen to chuck,

From all rationality i had to duck!

I want to fly high, like a bird in the sky,

Not on top of scyscrapers, on my wings i want to soar high…


A tour of the world was next that i blurt,

all in business class would not hurt! 😛

Mount everest too I want to conquer,

Though mountaineering talent is for God to confer!


Let me swim accross the pacific too,

Though dunno how to swim , but take me through

A visit to antarctica is a must,

Though whether i will live thorugh the cold, i do not trust!


A night on top of statute of liberty,

Come on! this has to be before turning 30!

a day in the life of sachin tendulkar,

When only I can talk to him-none other!


Let me spend some time at hogwarts too,

watch quidditch matches, travel through floo!

Sectumsempra will be reserved for Mayawati,

Mounting a broon, i will be on a roaming spree!


Coming back to the land of muggles,

A factory of chocolates let me smuggle

A private jet, my very own yatch,

From world’s eye, there I would never be caught!


I think i should even go to mars…

Find some sense there, expose a farce!

Women are fro Venus, men are from mars,

but men and sense together-it can only be a farce!


How can I forget the moon?

Guess, the space visit wouldn’t end so soon;

They say soon moon will be crowded,

So, let me take the moon, keep it clouded


After my space sojourn ends,

I need some time from my past to bend!

So, time travel becomes a necessity,

Travelling faster than light’s velocity!


Now, while I am lost between eras,

Let me get back to FEMA and FERA!

Yes,yet again it has been affirmed,

My wishlist is endless, its yet again confirmed!