Life is just a tale of rejection,

Circumstances even hard to mention,

What goes through you, you can’t put to words,

All you feel is that life is absurd!


People, relationships, everything shocks you,

the tainted feelings never fail to stalk you;

Sometimes a story of utter helplesness,

Giving no way for happiness to be harnessed.


That thread of hope that you try to hold onto,

that little happiness that you desperately look forward to,

that ounce of love that you mindlessly run to;

Yet all the disappointment that threaten to engulf you….


The ray of light that never existed,

Yet its presence to yourself you insisted;

To be optimistic so hard you persisted,

Yet neither luck, nor God ever assisted.


The imaginary world of happiness that calms you,

The shock of reality deeply harms you;

Yet when faced with truth, you have no choice,

But in the imaginary happiness try to rejoice!


The quest for happiness, the hope not measured,

How each loved one you choose to treasure,

Yet each time you are broken, each time left away,

All you can do is see your life going astray.


The hope shattered, split to bits,

When in the puzzle called life nothing fits;

Yet you can’y give up, yourself you have to gather,

Not for the heartless, but for those who do bother.


Each day is a challenge full of strife,

But,, then, for you, THIS IS LIFE;

How you wish you could give your own definition,

Sans any pain, heartbreak, helplesness and voilation.


Alas, all thats there for you is to WISH,

Wish that no more bouncers would life dish,

But, then. its you, not a lucky fellow,

Your life is empty, your life is hollow.


To save your being from torn to shreds,

All the while uncertainity you dread.

All it takes is a helping hand,

A soothing gae…love as tiny as a speck of sand.


Yet a ton of gold is easier to find,

Than an ounce of true love that can bind;

Without this love, its painful to survive,

Yet all your lofe, you are meant to strive.


All this pain makes you question,

Where did I go wrong?

What have I done to burn alive,

Why did you allow this pain to thrive?


Writhing agony, making you shudder,

How much you wish foryour life to get over!

Yet even this priviledge is nowhere to be seen,

All you can do is live till the end of your being!