An old forgotten photograph, tucked away n a worn-out book,

Yet all it took to clear the haze, was just one look!

It was from the last sports day in school, wearing a funny dress in an even funnier pose,

The dam of memories had been breached, spilling over the innumerable moments!

The early years-a hazy distant dream,

Yet certain moments never lose their sheen.

From being the quiet, nerdy geek,

turned into a chattering,laughing freak!

That haunted class and its dark corridor,

Keeping us entertained were stories galore!

The following year with no responsibilities,

We all flourished, undertaking all mischiefs.

Till it was time to get separated,

as some left to go away, others segregated.

I still remember that yet-in-school farewell,

How we all cried, wishing each other well!

A new year, new people, we had separated,

Yet with the new ones in tow, to the old ones we were dedicated!

Those lunch break meets, rolling through each section a day,

The playful fights between our own tom and jerry kept us happy and gay!

How we ran through the stairs, through the classes,

Certainly earning several backward glances!

Sounds of our laughter filled the air,

What others thought, who would care!!

Those toffee fights, the caste divide, 😛

All those foils that landed over 10B’s roof!

Within the class, fun was no less,

the inseparable six-we lived life with zest.

The cribbing, the bickering, the killer-man-detective,

All those lessons to teach me to wink were finally effective!

The fond memories of the bio-lab,

Samples in hand, skeleton at the back!

Our seats located right by the window,

The favourite song we sung looking out to the road!

Our analogues to the hands of a watch,

I finally moved to a higher notch!

Being teased for being a perpetual tubelight,

Getting irritated, sometimes picking up fights!

The final years came near,

Old ones reunited, some others left.

Seemed life could never be the same again,

But as time passed, the weariness waned.

We were all back as we had started,

Still together, we laughed, cried and shouted.

All the fun we had in between,

In our memories, those two years will always be very clean.

Dropping burettes, pippets and acids,

Playing around doing salt analysis,

The lost prisms, the broken glass slabs,

the semi-conductors, the needle stabs….

Each memory is alive and kicking,

Some with smiles,others with tears spilling;

All the special occasion celebrations,

Oh! I miss those days-they are priceless gems!