Just another day, just another match,

Yet this one had a special catch!

It was India Vs Pakistan today,

And for millions of cricket lovers,

it was it was all about cheering on through the day!

In a series both having lost already,

such a tie holds no meaning,

But, the arch rivals meeting each other,

Is bound to produce noises deafening!

Afridi Vs Tendulkar, Misbah Vs Dhoni,

Shouts of joy and screams of agony.

What makes it so special?

What drives the interests to swell?

The advertisers have a field day,

The students(like me:P) have a hard time keeping their mind away!

With cheers signalling the beginning, I put these questions to rest,

failing to keep my focus, I finally run to watch the latest run fest!

Indiaaaa, Indiaaaa!

P.S.-The photograph is just some random picture I found on someone’s fb wall. It just depicts how big a deal the matches are! :P Image