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A feeling of finalty, with one of loss….
Wanna move ahead,yet hold on,
A small part says about time!
But the major me says,give me some more time….
For it was just yesterday that i met you,
Just yesterday that i fell in love with you,
Just yesterday that i was awed by you,
But the calendar jerks me back to reality,

Its been three years it yells at me,
In its pages i see memories,
In each corner i see moments,
On the tree i see us climbing,
On the foundation stone i see myself lounging,
In the lawns i see myself lost in thought,
In the cafe i see us laughing without a thought!
In the Chapel,I see myself finding peace,
In the corridors i hear our chatter,our laughter
Its really been three years has it?
How did you change me so much?
How did u set me free yet bound me to urself?
Yes,its been three years n its timr for me to leave,
But you will forever be a part of me,
As i will be for you!
For,once a Stephenian,Always a Stephenian!