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Better late than never they say,

But, does it always make sense to feel this way??

Is it possible to step back after walking ahead in a direction for so long??

Is it possible to mend your path when you reach the wrong bend in the road?


Life doesn’t have a rudder to guide it away from the storms that await us,

Sometimes its not cowardly to take the easier way out;

Sometimes,its okay to not have the strength to change the direction to whats right,

We make mistakes, we suffer the consequences;

We become complacent, letting our guard down,

So what if it wasn’t successful,

So what if everything didn’t turn out according to plan,

Its life-live it, don’t plan it!!


Live life, with no regrets,


“When you are about to die, your life flashes like a movie in your eyes. Make sure, its worth watching”

Make sure, its not just regrets and frowns that feature there,

It’d be better if its some tears and loads of smiles that stare back.


(This is something that I forget at times and need to be reminded! Life is too short to be wasted away in apologies and regrets)