I travel by the same metro twice a day. As a young woman living in Delhi for a few years now, I am aware of the situation and mindset of the city towards women. I, personally, do not support the idea of a women’s coach as people have inturn made it to be-5 men’s coaches and 1 women’s coach. Yet, each day, I silently step into the coach “meant” for me; for I value my safety & am not able to trust the presence of hundreds of others in the “men’s” caoches.

BoHeMiAn RhApSoDy

My friend Nidhi, NM of  the blog world, sent out a mail telling a bunch of us about the harassment her friend faced in the metro in New Delhi. I was shocked, saddened and alarmed at the attitude of people in such a “cosmopolitan” city and urge you to read the following account, in the victim’s own words. Please do share as much as you can. Nidhi has  put up the email she sent as a blog post too.


This post contains language, four-letter word language. These are my words and my account. Most of the exchange was in Hindi, nearly everything I shouted was in English.

23rd June, afternoonish, I board the metro from Noida City Center. The train was almost empty, I find a spot by the right side of the car near the door, put my earphones on and prepare to wait through all the…

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