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The early morning breeze blows on my face,
I stand still for a minute-soaking it all in
The place that buzzes with crowds during the day,
Is calm,its resting giving its secrets away

Its beautiful,its serenity has made me drown,
Its vulnerable-it has let its guard down
It reminds me of myself-empty sometimes,yet so full…..
Free of appearances,full of thoughts

Its times like these that the real beauty shows,
When through all pores,the deepest thoughts overflow

A flock of pigeons takes flight nearby,
Breaking out of my thoughts i see life crawl by…..
Sometimes its this lack of speed I crave,
Amidst the wish for the crowds,its this loneliness that I crave

The flock is back-settling to peck on its feed,
I join the small group that feeds them,
In that moment-standing alone,
With my thoughts at rest-I am at peace….
Thats what just a calm pleasant morning does to me….Image