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The New Girl in the city,
Its her first time away from home,
She ain’t looking for freedom,
Its independence that she longs for.

Has been pampered all her life,
Its time to find her own feet,
She is the new girl in the big city today,
She will make it her own playing field

Survival isn’t easy,support isn’t forthcoming,
She finds reliable friends,she makes emotional bonds,
The sincere one in her old haven,
Finds new avenues for her sincerity,
She is the new girl in the city,
She is exploring a new person in her own being

The city is brutal,its so fast paced,
She feels like giving up-or giving in to its ways,
But she gathers herself,determines to make herself proud,
She refuses to be lost,refuses to merely be one in the crowd.

Her limits have been broadened,
She has been strengthened,
In the seemingly new city,
She had made her own small haven.

No longer the new girl in the city,
There is confidence in her gait,
With her friends by her side,
Each day she opens new gates





*Image Source-Google Images