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Is it too bad to be blank?

I don’t think so…..

Coz once in a while, the chaos of thoughts gets too much,

Once in while, its good to do nothing as such…



So, I just sit and stare,

I read-but absorb nothing,

I hear, but do not listen,

I see, but do not register

Thoughts swarm, but I don’t bother…


I am Blank!

Blank to sight,

Blank to sounds,

In a bottomless pit, I drown


Its a peaceful state,

Before the world brings me back to my senses,

Let me stay in this remote abyss.


Its not the world that a fear,

Its not loneliness that I crave,

A moment of no thinking is all I asked for

A moment of blankness is what I found

The doorbell rings, I break out of my reverie,

And just like that, its back to the grind for me….