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Perched on a branch,safe and secure,
I see my fellow birds flapping their wings,
The world says its time!

They flap n try n then fly high,
I feel happy for them,
For they have succeeded in starting the new journey,
While I have just moved up to a higher branch.

I am scared, I am skeptical,
I am apprehensive to take the leap of faith
But the sky spreads wide in front of me,
Waiting to be explored by me.

I want to fly high,
To new beginnings, to new experiences,
I want to fly away, to the next milestone,
I will have to conquer my fear,
As each passing moment makes time dearer…..

I close my eyes,
Say a little prayer,
Making a vow to give me best,
I finally spread my wings and take the plunge,
Hoping I will reach somewhere…..