She looks around, panics, finds none of her own,
Takes a deep breath, calms herself, realizes she has to make some her own,
She has to talk, trust, fall and succeed,
She has to be open, accepting, slowly finding her own feet,
The crowds are overwhelming, they have always been,
Its the small group within that will help her be,
In the crowds she will learn-to fail and accept,
The same crowds will teach her to stand erect,
Stand through situations when the going gets tough,
Stand through limitations that threaten to pull the rug,
Experiences will teach her what people won’t,
Time will teach her what textbooks won’t.

On her path she has set out, the journey is grilling,
The last one of its kind, the fact makes it thrilling.

Success or failure is not what will matter,
Its what she has become after the journey gets over.