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There’s blood everywhere-
On the textbooks that were graced with their little hands,
On those chairs that now lay strewn haphazardly,
In the mind of the mother who lost her child, her princess,
In the wail of the father whose tough exterior has been broken by the sight of his son’s coffin,
In the screams of the fortunate boy who survived but is scarred forever,
In the silence of the girl who stares blankly, reliving the horror of watching her brother die,
In the silent agony of a nation that mourns the death of its children,
In the helpless wondering of the world who is asking, “Is this what we have come to?
Killing small children in the name of revenge?
Making the institution of knowledge a graveyard?”

There is blood everywhere-in the minds of each of those barbarians,
Who believe shedding more of the same will help avenge their loss.

There is blood everywhere……and it threatens to drown us….in the sea of our hatred….

#PeshawarKillings #blackdays