Just do it!


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When the voices in your head drown out all voices falling on your ears,
When the thoughts in your mind are too muddled up making you fear,
Pick up a pen and that random sheet of paper
Let the letters be your words…..
Pull out that Guitar lying unused in your cupboards,
Pluck the strings and let the notes do the talking….
Just sit on that window ledge,
let that melody in your head take the shape of a song;
Let the lyrics do justice to the thoughts…..
Grab that blank sheet-of paper,of cardboard, of anything at all!
Pull out those colours waiting to be splashed,
and let the hues describe the shape of your thoughts….

Don’t force the words out, but don’t keep the thoughts shackled,
Let them flow,
In whichever form you know!


Learning to fly


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Perched on a branch,safe and secure,
I see my fellow birds flapping their wings,
The world says its time!

They flap n try n then fly high,
I feel happy for them,
For they have succeeded in starting the new journey,
While I have just moved up to a higher branch.

I am scared, I am skeptical,
I am apprehensive to take the leap of faith
But the sky spreads wide in front of me,
Waiting to be explored by me.

I want to fly high,
To new beginnings, to new experiences,
I want to fly away, to the next milestone,
I will have to conquer my fear,
As each passing moment makes time dearer…..

I close my eyes,
Say a little prayer,
Making a vow to give me best,
I finally spread my wings and take the plunge,
Hoping I will reach somewhere…..

The rainbow :)


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The sweltering heat made me cranky,
The dust storm brought no respite,
Those scarce drops just made it worse,
The weather Gods refused to relent!!

It was a bad day-I thought to myself,
And suddenly, the heavens opened up,
even if just for a few minutes,
The weather was brighter, the mood was lighter.

And then, that beautiful rainbow was there,
Its colours bright against the now darker, yet brighter sky;
And the day wasn’t so bad anymore 🙂

Thank God for the small joys in life 🙂

Happiness lies within


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That melody swirls around in my head,
Refusing to leave me in peace,
Its a happy tone-yet their is something amiss,
Its catchy too but doesnt strike that chord,

Maybe there is nothing wrong with it,
Maybe its the chords within that have gone haywire,
The happiness,the cheeriness still exist,
Maybe its a matter of clearing the depressing mist.

For its not a song thats beautiful,
Its always the interpretation-conscious or sub-conscious, that makes it shine

Let me….


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Yes, I have far fetched dreams,
Yes, the pathways are not strewn with flowers,

I have the courage, or so I believe,
I have the plans, or so I think….

But before the journey commences for real,
Before the first actual step is taken,
Let me live in a bubble some more
Let me stare away from the reality some more
Let me be in my happy world some more,
Let me gather the strength to make the journey pleasant some more!!

I am not scared-for the end should be beautiful,
I am not apprehensive, for I can’t be sure what the future has in store,
But let me give my best,
Let me leave the rest…

Before the test starts,
Let me prepare some more 🙂

What is friendship?


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A friend asked me today-what does friendship entail……it got me thinking and I tried to define it-what it is friendship?


What does friendship entail??

Is it security? Knowing that someone is there?

Is it happiness? The one that your friend creates?

Is its support? The fact that the person will stand by you?


Is it all the same?? Synonyms for an amalgamation of all these emotions??




Is it the need to be loved?

To be cherished, to be valued?

Is it the need to be there for someone?

To be the support, the strength, the happiness for others?

For it gives immense satisfaction…..



How far should one go?

Waiting for things to improve when the going gets tough?

When its just thorns that are visible, 

When the support has diminished to negligible,

When the happiness has weaned and its the tears that remain?



I would just say,Ask yourself,

Don’t you value the happy memories enough to hold on?

Isn’t the hope of making things better enough to egg you on?

Isn’t the person important enough for you to go on??



Its the relationship you chose for yourself,

Friends do not give up on each other



Maybe thats just a flawed perspective,

Maybe to ponder requires situations respective,


Sorry friend, for all I left you with is questions,

But look closely, and the questions should give you some answers.

Yes, I failed to define  freindship,

But then, what is it if not a spontaneous ship?


When the waves are high,

You need to decide,

Is it the journey that matters more,

or the fear of being unsuccessful in reaching the shore?


Till I am able to stand on board without being washed away,

Let me hold on to the faith that with all the ups and downs in the journey I will reach the shore…..

The injuries, the pains endured will fade,

Its the memories that I made on the way that will stay 🙂