Sadar Aamantran ke liye Nimantran (Mission:Wedding Cards)


after postponing the beginning of the wedding preparation for quite sometime (reasons not to be disclosed-another long story!), we finally kick-started the wedding preparation with the wedding invitations.

Nope, not their distribution! They have to be bought first, right? 😛

We set of to the market thats home to the biggest gamut of wedding card designers/sellers in Delhi-the Chawri Bazaar Card Market!

After navigating through the typical old Delhi streets,

We finally reached the card market-a collection of several shops located in bylanes, and sub-by lanes ( 😛 ), within the roads where its difficult to walk, yet trucks roam around freely 😉

After sifting through hundreds of designs at over half a dozen shops, we had reached nowhere.

Some cards were too Gawdy, while some were too mellow. Some were not of the appropriate size and some others not of the perfect shape.

Even the thickness, the texture and the weight had been discussed. I never knew choosing a card could be THIS tough.

While passing by a small random shop located in a corner, we found what we were looking for!

After having spent an hour dissecting and rejecting a host of cards, we spent just about 60 seconds saying yes to that PERFECT card for us.

Placed the order-waited for the delivery then and there and went home satisfied with four heavy bundles of what would soon be the wedding invites to di’s big day.

One item on the list check off!

Dated: 26th October 2013.


Note: The images have been sourced from various online portals. Credits to the respective up loaders. I do not own any of these images.

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