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He didn’t invite me to his party-he isn’t my friend.

I have a bad job, my life sucks.

I don’t have a car as big as her, I hate my life.

My parents stopped me from going for that trip, I won’t talk to them.


Reasons to crib are plenty, but are they worth any sorrow?

Things that we cry and fuss about, will we even remember them tomorrow?

While running behind the better job, more friends, did you leave yourself behind?

Beyond the loud music and smoke, are you, yourself, easy to find?


We ignore those friends who are always there,

Ignore our parents who are the ones who care;

Ignore our body, have no fear,

And one day-there is nothing more left to hold dear.


Life doesn’t offer warnings, it doesn’t offer time;

Age is just a number, you never know when destiny says-it’s time.


Grudges, fights, problems-we can have unending,

But, when it’s time to leave, let’s not have regrets pending.